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If you offer high value items and find that businesses are hesitant to part with large sums up front, being able to offer them a finance option could boost your sales, cash flow and profit margins.  By allowing customers to spread their payments, they are less likely to worry about the initial cost and won’t have to wait until they have the money available to make the purchase.  This means they are less likely to delay buying and less likely to haggle over the price as they will see the cost in terms of monthly payments rather than one large sum.

A major benefit of offering finance to your customers is that you receive your payment immediately from the finance provider without having to wait for the customer to pay your invoice.  The customer is able to protect their cash flow by spreading their payments and you get to protect yours with fast payment.

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Having this option in place gives you the opportunity to sell your customers the very best products with cost being less of a consideration as you are not asking them to part with a large lump sum on day one.  It also means you can add future purchases to a lease to keep their finances simple and convenient.

By selling the idea of buying items on finance to your customers, you make it more likely that they will pay more, encourage customer loyalty and you get paid immediately.

Because every company is different and there many options out there for supplier finance, Simply Business Finance take the time to get to know your business and your requirements so we can recommend the best solution for you.  We are independent and search the whole market to find the best rates and the most appropriate supplier finance package to suit your needs.

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