Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

As air conditioning is something businesses buy to make their staff and/or customers more comfortable or safe rather than something used to make money, it’s often overlooked as something you can get equipment finance for.  Fortunately, many lenders are happy to provide this type of finance to allow businesses to buy the air conditioning systems they need without needing to make a big cash payment.

Air conditioning can be incredibly important to a business so we help companies find the best equipment finance for them so they can buy the air conditioning units they need straight away and pay for them over affordable monthly payments.  We search through all the lenders to find the best rates and the ones most likely to lend to your type of business needing air conditioning systems.  Our team then help to complete the application so all the effort is taken out of your hands.

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At Simply Business Finance, we can help businesses of all sizes and industries get finance for the equipment they need even if it is software and not something that directly makes money for them in their business. Our business finance experts can look at your business and what you need from an equipment finance lease to find the best solution for you needs. We can then process the application so all you need to do is liaise with your supplier to have the air conditioning equipment installed.

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