Card Terminal Cash Advance

Card terminal cash advance

If you have a card terminal in your business you could be able to advance the equivalent of up to 1 months card takings as a loan for your business. The loan can be used for any business purpose. 

If you run a business where you go through very quiet patches during the year due to the seasonal nature of your industry, card terminal cash advance funding can be a great option to help you cover the running costs of your business during these periods. Many manufacturers or retail businesses who supply products or services which retail over the seasonal periods find cash advance funding very useful. These loans are different from other loans that are typically used to fund working capital, cashflow and to day expenses.

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Lenders offer lots of different options when it comes to working capital funding and the rates and conditions can vary a great deal between lenders.  When you work with us to find the best working capital funding option for your business, we get to know your requirements and your business well enough to find the best solution for you.  We can then make an application on your behalf to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible.

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